“Helping you focus on what you do best - fund management.”
SGGG Fund Services Inc.


Experience: With over 200 alternative strategy funds under administration worldwide, our team provides administration services to virtually every type of fund structure and strategy.

Personal service: Although the worldwide SGGG team stands behind each client, the team members assigned to each client are dedicated to providing the highest levels of personal service.

Flexibility: We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor our services to meet the requirements of each individual client and respond quickly as our clients’ needs evolve.

Value: Fees can be structured to minimize expenses while managers build assets under management.

Independence: A critical concern for investors, SGGG is not owned by or affiliated with any other fund service provider.

Technology: Continuous investment in proprietary software allows us to meet the increasing needs of our clients cost effectively.

Security: Our data protection and robust disaster recovery plans combined with the support of the worldwide SGGG team, ensures that our clients are able to maintain secure business processing through all contingencies.

The Result: Accurate, timely administration with no surprises.